Monday, 13 December 2010

The Jefferson All-Bears

The Jefferson All-Bears were a poignant bunch. They littered and furthered themselves and tittered like manipulative troll women discovering a mine of vaginas (not suspecting the plague of dicks that was upon them).

The economy suffered. The All-Bears were just a violent rip-off and sucker punched their way into the heart and soul of the universe.Bad habits. Bad news. The frequency they used to pick up girls on was the wrong channel (if anybody asked). There is only so much stomach a boy can take before he becomes a man, And the Jefferson All-Bears knew it.

The morning before the big day, the whole bunch were sitting on a putrid pier eating pizza ( eight bears=four slices).

The gravel that chocked their ancestors lay at the bottom of a shallow sea-bed and waited. They waited. They just waited. Then all of a sudden a big wave came crashing down and knocked the All-Bears from their perch. All scattered. All screaming.

Into the sea...

(to be continued)