Wednesday, 27 January 2010


JCVD is 50 years old. He also wants a fight. Here's word from the man himself:

“I want to do three reality show: One casting one, one behind the scene of a movie called The Tower, and another TV show where I sign to fight with a big champion named Somluck. He’s a Thai fighter that’s got about 300 fight in English boxing and 250 fight in Muay Thai.

“And once we have all da TV show, we are gonna fight in Macau, in three weeks after the TV show, and the movie come out. So between September and October, we have a movie come out, the end of three TV seasons, and a fight. It will be the first time in history and also the first time a guy at 50-years-old will go for a fight in Macau. [Ed. note: if he hadn't added 'in Macau', I'd point out that Ron van Clief was 51 when he got choked out by Royce Gracie at UFC 4] Which is kind of dangerous, but life is short, and I want to do this for two reasons: to prove to young people, and to mature people, that a man can go thought training and also be a movie star, like Hollywood gets reality.”


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